SEASHELL – Comfort Zone

Your seashell brings the message that you are required to crawl out of the security of your comfort zone to achieve the life you desire. There are never any guarantees of success as you embark on new ventures. However, the act of considering the worst case scenario is a useful exercise as it helps to clarify potential risks and formulate strategies to protect you from unfavorable outcomes. It also enables you to make a clearer decision whether the risks are worth the potential benefits. Adopting the attitude that you will learn from the experience makes the endeavour a resounding success no matter what eventuates. You know the best and worst that can happen, move out of the comfort of your shell as you are naturally protected and supported by Spirit who want to see you live the life of your dreams.

EEL – Agility

Your friendly eel indicates the need for agility, to be ready to think and act quickly as a slippery situation is at hand. Someone is not going to prove to be as reliable and trustworthy as you think, this could be a simple let down such as missing an appointment or something more significant that leads to a major inconvenience for you. Identify who you are relying on and whether there are alternatives, being resourceful and ready to implement back-up plans is vital as promises may be broken and you need to be prepared to maintain a firm grip of the situation. 

STARFISH – Restoration

Your starfish friend speaks to you of restoration. Something that seems lost to you will reappear to prove that you have really lost nothing at all. You are being blessed with a second chance, use the past to your advantage by considering what you would do differently this time around to ensure it is not lost to you again. You are guided to have faith and trust in the Universe, the only thing that you have really mislaid is your hope and belief momentarily…have confidence that it will be restored soon!

OYSTER – Irritations

Your oyster ally imparts an important message of that which is made beautiful through hardship, irritation and experience. It is an undisputable fact that none of us can escape frustration and pain in this life. Pain is a great motivator because it encourages you to surmount obstacles, to find your inner strength and appreciate life from a higher level of gratitude, wisdom and understanding. The key for you at this time is to see the current frustration and pain in your life as a gift, you have an opportunity to grow and learn. Life then becomes a whole lot less painful and all of the experiences of your life are of a greater value.

VASE – Treasure

There is a treasure trove of wisdom to be discovered when you delve into the depths of submerged emotions. Most emotions can be safely displayed however, the deeply painful ones are often hidden and at times buried so deep they are forgotten. The time is right for a powerful healing as there is a situation in your life that has the potential to stir up uncomfortable emotions, allowing these to float up to the surface to be validated and released is a valuable gift that you give yourself. By lifting the lid on your casket full of disappointment, hurt or anger you acknowledge that you are now stronger to deal with the emotions and wiser because you are willing to see how you attracted the situation for your own soul’s growth – that is the treasure!