DIVING MASK – Subconscious Mind - 

Your diving mask signals a time of amazing personal insight and awareness. You are encouraged to delve into your subconscious mind to explore childhood or past life memories to have a greater understanding of your life, your connection to others and your spiritual purpose. The subconscious mind is where the knowledge of your past, present and potential future is held. This can be accessed through meditation, hypnosis and even your dream state. Recording your experiences in a journal is beneficial, as you diarize your subconscious continues to speak to you offering even greater insight and comprehension of your life’s magnificent journey.

DOLPHIN – Flow - 

Dolphins generally make their appearance when the skies are clear and the waves are calm. Your friendly dolphin delivers the message to stop the busyness, to take a deep calming breath and be totally in the moment. This allows your intuition to rise to the surface of your consciousness to speak to you. Intuition is your Higher Guidance steering you in the direction of your dreams. Don’t make things harder for yourself by swimming against the tide, go with the flow and follow your intuitive impulses and you will soon be jumping joyfully through the waves of opportunity that have you surfing towards the successful manifestation of your desires.

SUN – Positive Expectation - 

The forecast is that your radiant sun is about to break through the clouds and shine good fortune on you. It is difficult to have positive expectation when life has been difficult for some time, rather than the expectancy that things will go right it is more the anticipation of what will go wrong. This is a time to have a brighter outlook as your prospects are on the improve with each passing day. You are encouraged to visualise positive expectation, to listen to your instincts and follow through with their directives and especially be open to opportunity with the belief that it will have a sunny outcome. Go ahead and seize the day!

BUCKET and SPADE – Focus - 

Your bucket and spade indicates that this is a period of hard work where you need to dig deep to achieve your goals. It is human nature to be enthusiastic at the beginning of a project however, as time wears on there is less and less enthusiasm. To stay motivated you need to keep the rewards that achieving your goal will bring at top of mind to keep the momentum going. Find ways to work smarter not harder, this can include time-saving procedures to increase your productivity and potentially achieve your goals sooner. Don’t let time or opportunity slip through your fingers as success is yours for the making!

BEACH UMBRELLA – Meditation - 

Your beckoning beach umbrella brings the message to create time for relaxation and especially meditation. By creating the space in your life for contemplation and self-reflection you are opening the channel for communication with of your Higher Self, guides and angels. In giving this time to yourself you are considering your needs with the understanding that you are worthy of insight, direction and support from the spirit realm. You are putting your needs first and foremost above the demands on your time and energy by others. You are stating that you are worthy of unconditional love - and you are!