ABC – The Basics 

It’s as easy as ABC to carry out the instruction of this message which is to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Many delightful moments occur during the course of a day if you are open and willing to recognise them. To be grateful for the little things makes you more attractive to magnetizing the grander experiences that life has to offer. A simple ‘I love you’ or the smiles of a child are gifts of a simple and yet profound nature. Count your blessings and you will discover that life will truly bless you!

RULER – Measure of Success 

You are advised not to measure your success too soon as appearances can be deceiving. You are encouraged not to give up on your dream too soon as you are inching your way forward in the process of successfully manifesting your desires. There is a great deal happening behind the scenes that is not yet visible and will not be for sometime, then it will all come into proper alignment. To help you keep the faith, engage in creative visualization by picturing the outcome you desire and take actions that support the achievement of your goal.

APPLE – Teaching 

You are being presented with an apple for the teacher! You will soon be called upon to pass on your experience. The greatest way to gain knowledge of a subject is to teach it. By showing someone else how to do something or by espousing a theory, you must first be sure that you thoroughly understand it yourself. The trick is to then be able to articulate it clearly and concisely so that others understand. You have a gift to share, your life experiences have served you well pass them on!

GLOBE – Lessons  

We return to the earth plane time and again to put spiritual truths to the test, to redress karma and continue our divine evolvement. Your guiding globe’s grace filled message is that on days when the laws of gravity weigh you down and you feel earthbound you are to recall that you are a glorious divine being living in a temporal physical body. You are spirit learning lessons and testing your skills in the school of life and as spirit you have the power to successfully rise above any earthly situation.

BOOKS – Personal Development 

You are encouraged to participate in any activity that opens your awareness and helps you to identify and understand your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. You can achieve this by immersing yourself in self-development books, courses, workshops and meditation practices, in fact any form of activity which supports self-reflection gives you the opportunity to establish a stronger relationship with yourself. By engaging in a programme of personal development you open your heart to your soul’s true purpose and build the belief in yourself and confidence to accept and fulfill this life’s chosen mission.