PRINCE – Respect - 

Your noble prince reminds you that few people honor their promise and most shirk their responsibilities. To achieve your dreams you are reminded to not back down from responsibility and hold true to your word. This is vital and will hold you in good stead now on in the future. Keeping your word gives others reason to respect you and to trust that you will fulfill your obligations. This opens the door to endless opportunity and the active support of people that are willing to help you and happy to see you succeed in your endeavours.

PRINCESS – Goodwill - 

While you are in the process of laying the foundation of great material wealth, you are more so building a kingdom of goodwill. Due to your caring nature you give generously of your time and resources. You do this from the goodness of your heart with no expectation of return, however by giving you often receive more as the Universe repays in kind. The Universe wants you to be successful as it is understood any success you achieve will be graciously passed on due to your innate generosity, your financial prosperity can benefit all!

GAME – True Wealth - 

To be truly rich is to be wealthy in both the material realm and the spiritual realm. While you are busy striving for the goal of material wealth and security, do not forget your goal of spiritual prosperity. How you conduct yourself on the way to your goals such as how you treat others, your integrity and acknowledgement of personal responsibility can lead to spiritual poverty or spiritual richness and peace in your heart. You have the power to be rich in every aspect of your life, this is the meaning of true wealth!

KING – Midas Touch - 

Soon you will feel like King Midas, everything that touch will turn to gold. The good news is that you have already worked hard to create a solid foundation, so it will not be ‘fools’ gold. Your perseverance through the trials and tribulations that you have faced has made you rich spiritually and will now pay off materially. King Midas was proud that he had been granted a gift that he coveted so deeply until he discovered it was a curse and begged for it to be taken form him. You are guided to enjoy your success as you truly deserve it and by sharing your good fortune where you can you will discover your golden touch to indeed be a blessing both to yourself and those that you help.

QUEEN – Family - 

It is often the people closest to us that we inadvertently take for granted when we are busy chasing our dream, we think that we have all the time in the world and they will always be there, this is simply not true. Your regal queen decrees that the perfect goals for you at present are those that centre on the family and a contented material and emotional life. While these may seem to be simple goals, the realisation of them is often a difficult task. It takes much devotion and concentrated effort to balance life so perfectly. In achieving these goals you will find a richness of life that very few achieve and you have the blessed ability to do so.