BAG OF GOLD – Bounty 

Your bountiful bag of coin brings the message that someone in your life is willing to give you help when it is much needed at this point in time, the help can be in the form of support, guidance or an opportunity. You have given so much of yourself and helped so many during the course of your life, now is the time to accept the generosity of others. While this may be difficult for you as you find it hard to be the receiver rather than the giver, it is imperative that you acknowledge you deserve all of the bountiful blessings that are coming your way!

GYPSY – Rich Experience 

Your gregarious gypsy lives a wealth filled life and while she is not materially rich, she is rich of heart and has a wealth of wisdom that comes from life experience. How wealthy a person feels can have very little to do with their bank balance and corresponding material assets. The act of appreciating every offering of life and making the best of any situation that you find yourself in, is a rich gift as it allows you to always rise about your circumstances. Your generous gypsy shares her wisdom with you to engage in the practice of gratitude, the more that you have to be thankful for the more you will be given and this makes life a much richer experience. 

CRYSTAL BALL – Stewardship 

If you were given a glimpse of your future what do you think you would see? You don’t need predictive abilities, it is actually easy to ascertain what that vision would be from your current thoughts and activities. Your thinking today creates your future tomorrows, even the simplest daydream impacts upon your future. Be very clear about the future you want to live and then be a good steward of thinking that supports your goals, stay focused and never give-up on the possibility that you can achieve your dreams and one day the future you envisage will be a reality.

TAMBOURINE – Acknowledgement 

There is a sense of celebration in the air, the promise of good times ahead. Open your heart and share your good fortune with those that have been involved with your journey to acknowledge their contribution. The road to success is rarely a solitary journey, many individuals travel the journey with you at times guiding you, other times giving support and encouragement along the way. Joy shared with others who are openly delighted in your achievements makes the spoils of success much sweeter. Celebrate life, celebrate yourself and moreover celebrate your community of cheerleaders!

WAGON – Almost There! 

Your rambling wagon suggests that in regards to a goal that you have been focused on, your rewards are almost in sight. Sometimes knowing that the end of the journey is near leads us to wind down mentally and lessen the pace physically, this would be ill advised at this point in time. So, in order to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of success that is experienced at the completion stage of a goal there is a need to stay on track and increase your efforts to go the last mile. Just remember after reaching your destination not to settle back and rest for too long, there are new exciting goals to be set and wondrous journeys to be taken!