GARDEN TOOLS – Activity - 

Time to roll your sleeves up and get to work! You are ready to move into a new phase of development in some area of your life, before you do there is some tidying up to be done as you have let things go to seed as well as some decisions to be made. Unearth any matters that need tending to, put order into any disorder and prepare the way for new possibilities. You have all the tools on hand to create whatever you want, so don’t be afraid to make changes in direction now as it is better to make adjustments at this time than to have lost a season for your dreams to come to fruition. Labour work

WATERING CAN – Emotion - 

Your wondrous watering can warns that your dreams will become a barren desert if you don’t nourish them. Water represents the emotions and as such signifies that you need to put emotional energy into the areas of your life that you want to see flourish and bloom. Emotion creates the most powerful magnetising force when combined with visualisation, affirmation and action; it is the key ingredient to manifesting and creation. Now is the time to nurture your dreams to create a perfect paradise rather than a stark landscape of little interest.

HUMMINGBIRD – Achievement - 

Your delightful hummingbird spends its time flying from one flower to the next searching for the sweet nectar that fulfils its life purpose to pollinate the flowers of the world one flower at a time, bringing both beauty and joy to humankind. Your current purpose is to progress with your goals one day at a time, consistent activity builds energy around your desires and overtime what once seemed overwhelmingly laborious is a very achievable prospect. Finding a sense of achievement in the activities of your day no matter how small they are, automatically raises your spirits and makes the end goal seem more possible. The joy of achieving your objectives is far greater if you make the journey less arduous a long the way by having an attitude of daily achievement.

PLANT – Thrive - 

Bloom where you are planted! You may not feel that you are in the ideal situation however, you are encouraged to make the most of your circumstances. It is a waste of valuable time looking back and wishing for that which has gone to ground, being grateful for what you have now is the key to conscious creation. You choose your attitude and how you view all of the challenges and obstacles you have encountered.

The growth you have experienced in recent times has made you stronger and leaves you with the valuable gift of knowledge that only comes from life-experience. Knowledge is power, it enables you to make wiser choices and therefore find yourself in better circumstances where everything you reap is a blooming success.

SUNFLOWER – Inspiration - 

Your spectacular sunflower signals that divine beams of inspiration are available to you in abundance at the moment. These stately flowers grow tall reaching towards the light, their large open faces tracking the journey of the sun across the sky during the course of the day, wherever light is no matter how weak the rays these brilliant flowers will find it. So too you will discover that there is a source of bright inspiration available to point you in the right direction, open your mind to possibility and follow any strong creative impulses, then you will find it to be a bright shiny day!