NUMBER ONE – Initiative 

The choice of Number One indicates that you are at the starting point of a new cycle or chapter in your life which holds the promise of being an exciting new adventure. Number One is eager and has a strong desire to achieve something, such as fame or power. So you are encouraged to clarify your goals and assume a bold, confident, assertive, even ambitious approach to things. It is time take initiative and make your mark by transforming your aspirations and intentions into physical reality. Dare to live your dream!

NUMBER THREE – Creativity 

Three is the number of inspired thinking, creative expression and heightened psychic awareness. This is an excellent time to expand your artistic talents and embark on creative projects, especially those related to art, writing and music. Any creative activity will open your mind to receiving stronger psychic impressions so make sure you follow through on intuitive urges. Even if you only seek to express yourself by indulging in homespun craft it will enliven your mind and life will become more colourful, vibrant and exciting. The Number Three has the magic to make extraordinary things happen!

NUMBER FIVE – Service 

Number Five asks you to be of service to others, this may include random acts of kindness, lending a helping hand when required or participating in some volunteer work. The act of giving is also the act of receiving, as the goodwill that you send out into the Universe will automatically be repaid, bringing support and assistance often at the time you need it the most. Your openhearted benevolent acts will evoke a sense of spiritual connectedness and personal satisfaction that only the giving of service can achieve.


The spiritual Number Seven indicates that any personal development undertaken at this time will pay huge dividends. You are encouraged to spend time in meditation, this gentle activity will bless you with understanding as you open your mind to the highest state of illumination and strengthen your connection with your Higher Guidance. You always receive answers to the questions that you ask, however they are often recieved as soft whispers, the more practiced you are in the art of meditation and quietening the mind’s noise the louder and clearer the messages will be.

NUMBER NINE – Releasing 

Number Nine speaks to you of endings, a lot of things that you have been working towards will soon be coming to completion. This is a time to take inventory of your life, some of which you will be proud of and other areas that you may not want to re-experience. You need to be willing to release things that have outlived their usefulness, this can manifest as moving to a new area, changing jobs, leaving a relationship or friendships of long association. Develop an attitude of trust that by creating a void you allow space for new exciting possibilities.