Cycles of growth and decay permeate every aspect of our earthly existence. Your oak leaf floats in to alert you to the fact that you are entering a phase of new growth in your life that demands letting go of that which no longer serves you this can include relationships, material possessions, habits or old beliefs. What you release will be replaced by more desirable alternatives and as your new cycle begins that which has passed becomes a memory. It requires great fortitude to carry out the changes necessary in the process of living life and fulfilling your dreams and it is all worth it.

ACORNS – Beginnings 

From one small acorn a mighty oak tree grows. Your acorn acknowledges that you are at the beginning of an exciting manifesting process. No effort is wasted at this time as you are laying the groundwork for future success. You are guided to have patience, to not question your efforts and to just keep going with your activities as your acorn symbolizes success after long and hard work. The success that you will achieve is based on a solid foundation therefore, it will not be undermined or disturbed by external forces it will be yours to enjoy for a long time into the future.

SQUIRREL – Preparation 

Your friendly squirrel speaks to you of the act of preparation for success. These busy little creatures are the ultimate gatherers, anticipating their future needs and being in a state of readiness when it arrives. The message your squirrel scampers forth to tell is that you are gathering resources for the future, whether that is through education, gaining practical skills or from your life experiences. There is no amount of your energy or effort being wasted at this time, you will have a use for all that you are experiencing and accumulating. Have the foresight to prepare yourself for the future with the knowledge that what you envisage isn’t a fantasy it will be a reality. 

WOODPECKER – Uniqueness 

You are a unique individual, no other person has your exact past and the experiences encompassed within it. While it is human nature to desire to fit-in and be accepted, having healthy self-esteem means that you are comfortable standing out in a crowd. Your wise little woodpecker flies in to tap out the message to embrace your uniqueness, to be proud of yourself, celebrate your differences and lay claim to your distinctive gifts and talents. You are encouraged to fly free of the restrictive and limiting thoughts of needing to be like everyone else and with noisy enthusiasm dance to the beat of your own extraordinarily unique rhythm. 

OAK TREE – Confidence 

Your mighty oak tree’s message is to have supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities. You are to liken your life journey to that of the mighty oak who has weathered many storms through the seasons of its life and not only survives it continues to thrive and flourish. You are strongly urged to have the courage to commit to your visions with the belief that events will unfold favourably. Know without a doubt that you have the inner strength and endurance to overcome any obstacles you encounter on the path to fulfilling your goals and aspirations.