HORSESHOE – Self-fulfilling Prophesy - 

Your helpful horseshoe brings the message that the belief in good luck is a self-fulfilling prophesy. You create your own luck based on how you think and how you see life, it’s all about attitude. You create whatever you believe, so you are advised that you need to take control of your thoughts and see the element of good in all situations no matter how grim they appear. Give thanks for all that you have and make it a daily habit to look for lucky events no matter how small. By doing this will train your mind to believe that you are lucky and therefore you will be, you’ll attract more positive and lucky events into your life. 

POT OF GOLD – Chasing Rainbows - 

Your radiant rainbow advises you to ignore people who tell you to stop wasting your time chasing rainbows as in their view you are trying to achieve something impossible. A rainbow does not actually exist at a particular location in the sky, it is an optical illusion whose position depends on the observer's vantage point and that of the sun. How one person perceives a situation can be from a limited perspective influenced by their beliefs, knowledge and ideas of what is actually possible. From where you are standing your dreams are certainly achievable…go chase after them!


Your fortuitous four leaf clover brings the message that luck rarely travels a well worn track that has no room for a change of direction. We are all creatures of habit, unfortunately it is the very nature of habit that means we always get the same result. Luck loves to be discovered on unusual trails and curious places. When you want luck to appear in your life you need to lessen your rigidity and act on impulses, such as suddenly changing the routine of your day which enables you to be in the right place at the right time to experience great good fortune.

DICE – Another Chance - 

Your lucky die reminds you that in many situations in life there can only be one winner however, there is always another chance to try your luck. How you react to loss and disappointment defines whether you are a real winner or not. Setbacks are merely a time to determine if you have all of the resources and information required before you step forward or are there other avenues to be explored to ensure long lasting success. The courage to stay firm in your convictions, holding a strong vision of your goals in mind and striving for their fulfillment is the mark of a real winner. 

BLACK CAT – Intuition - 

Your benevolent black cat brings the message to let intuition be your good luck guide! Intuition is that inner voice telling you to take a particular course of action. It’s the gut feeling that something isn’t quite right which inspires you to go searching for the correct answer. Intuition knows without question that something is going to happen, which may not seem logical or possible and yet it happens. Lucky people take notice when intuition strikes, they trust what they hear, feel or know is correct and have the faith to take action, you are encouraged to do likewise.