CAMERA – Fame - 

Years of daydreaming is about to become a reality! If recognition is your motivation at the moment then you will be pleased to know that you are about to make front page news! All of your hard work, courage and determination to succeed is about to pay off. This is the time to makeover your attitude, your image and to make fast your resolve to not let any obstacles stand in the way of your goals. Just remember, on your way to success that self-approval and self-respect, as well as the approval of friends and family is of greater value than the applause of strangers.


Lights…Camera…Action! The camera is about to roll as you are about to reenact a scene from your past and although the players and the setting may have changed, the experience is the same. Before you engage in the drama, identify what pattern you are about to repeat, at times this can be subtle in other instances dramatically the same. Once the pattern has been recognised reflect on the wisdom gained from your previous experiences and put it into practice to show how well you have perfected the craft of learning from the past.

AWARD – Pride - 

You are to be applauded for all your accomplishments large and small. You are encouraged to reflect on the triumphs of your life, especially what you have achieved recently. At times we have much to congratulate ourselves for, at others just getting through the day and all of its trials and tribulations is enough to give ourselves a round of applause for. Shining love towards and being supportive of those we care about is another. Take pride in yourself, be your own fan club and recognise how well you are doing - not where you think you 'could' be doing better!

ACTORS – Star Quality - 

Your personable actor asks you to look at the roles you are playing in your life and how much are you putting on an act or a facade. Among the many roles we play are parent, spouse, lover, friend, professional, etc. We behave differently in each of these roles however, your true self should always shine through in each circumstance. Your authenticity is found by being in the present, being true to your values and being genuine. Allow the world to see and fall in love with the true star that you are not the one putting on an act!


If your life was a movie in what category would you currently place it…romance, drama, inspirational or horror? We often think that life is something that happens to us, when in fact life happens from within us and is mirrored back to us. Your message is that you are in the director’s chair and at any given time you have the opportunity to rewrite the script of your life. If you know how you would like the events of your life to unfold, envisage the scene in vivid detail, edit out your negative programming, then act the part and soon your life will be your favourite movie of all time!