POPCORN – Serendipity 

Life is an amazing adventure and promises you many serendipitous moments. Be true to your goals, by striving and staying focused you will find that astonishing opportunities will present that you would never have envisaged. Take great delight that you will not only be rewarded by the achievement of your goals but that the Universe sees your worth and decrees that your rewards should be far greater. So don’t sell yourself short nor be surprised if life has more in store for you than you would ever have expected, even in your wildest imaginings. Get ready to savour the rewards for your efforts you deserve the wonderful treats that are coming! 

CLOWN – Lightheartedness 

Your cheerful clown cajoles you to not to take things too seriously, be more lighthearted and find the funny side of a current situation. You have been under a great deal of stress lately and it is totally understood why you would feel heavyhearted. However, life provides many hilarious almost absurd vignettes that are laughworthy and you are wholeheartedly encouraged to have a good old-fashioned belly laugh. Laughter has long been known as the best medicine to relieve stress and uplift the spirit, it is good for both your physical and mental health. So lighten up and give yourself permission to have a good laugh!


Life has much to offer and living life in the moment is just the ticket! You are guided to not put off the pleasures that you would like to experience now, to a far distant future. Putting off your desires until tomorrow sets up a restrictive programme that flows out into how you manifest experiences into your life. By setting up a pattern of self-denial you are unconsciously stating that you don’t deserve to have your dreams met today. The Universe will mirror your belief and answer accordingly by delaying your rewards and you will wonder why things don’t manifest when you want them to. Make the decision to live your life to the fullest, don’t live with regret, make excuses or negate that you deserve a rich full life experience.

ACROBAT – Aplomb! 

Your amazingly agile acrobat is a practiced performer who has the ability to accomplish the difficult and tricky with a sense of effortlessness and aplomb. You too will be seen to perform a task with seeming ease, only you know the dedication and exacting exertion it has taken to achieve this level of competence. Don’t negate how much you have put into mastering your talents, your mental outlook and indeed your life. Take a bow and receive the applause knowing you have well and truly earned them!

ELEPHANT – Remember 

Expect a sudden rise of status trumpets your enthusiastic elephant. An opportunity is about to present itself which you are heartened to take-up as it will result in outstanding success. What will be perceived by others as a sheer lucky break is the result of years of determined effort. Elephants are renowned for their long memories and you are emphatically encouraged to remember your long journey as success unfolds. You are entitled to exude great self pride knowing that you are not an overnight success, you are an inspirational individual who found the strength to keep going when others would have given up. You didn’t suddenly become lucky your success is the absolute result of your perseverance, the willpower to stick to your goal and the unswerving belief that you would eventually achieve what you set out to do.