Life’s A Ball!



You are cordially invited to engage in Life! There are so many different opportunities that life offers on any given day, however when you are entrenched in routine, lack energy and you are already over committed it takes effort to embrace any new possibility. Sometimes less-than-satisfactory circumstances create blocks that prevent you from saying YES to opportunities that would uplift your spirit and raise your vitality. You are guided to make wise choices regarding the use of your time and energy; the price for taking the easy option is selling you and your life short. The prospects you RSVP yes to will be better experiences than what you give up. Live the best life you can!

 TOP HAT – Shine

At times when it is our turn to shine we feel inadequate and not worthy of the success we achieve, failing to honor the journey we undertook to reach this point. You are instructed to look very closely at your life to identify how much of a conscious effort you have put into being at this exact place, at this exact time. Your success is no coincidence or matter of luck. Each step has been deliberately taken in order to obtain the good fortune you are now free to experience. You have thoroughly earned the right to shine and are more than worthy to ‘strut your stuff’ with pride.

 DANCING – Surefootedness

You are advised not to tread on anyone’s toes at the moment! Try to keep difficult individuals at arms length; handle them with diplomacy and a sense of good humour. By finding different ways to interact, you change the energetic status quo and put yourself more in step with the individual. If no matter what you do does not work, you may have to walk away from the interaction. This may be the best possible outcome as it liberates you and stops you from wasting energy dancing to another persons beat.

 MASK – Masquerade

Your magnificent mask is making it known that you are hiding something! You may be hiding your true feelings about a situation or how you feel about another individual. This manifests as a barrier between you and the other person, which is not conducive to an open and honest relationship. By not addressing the situation there is a possibility that the wall of resistance will widen. It may be easier to have the person leave your circle of influence rather than squashing your feelings and forcing you to be out of alignment with your authentic self when dealing with the individual. To address the situation you need to display spiritual maturity by attempting to uncover if there has been some misconception between the two of you and being open to seeing the situation from another’s point of view.

 FIREWORKS – Tension

Your feisty fireworks signal that there is a build-up of energy within you that could lead to a spectacular display of emotion. While the cause of tension may be external, you have internalized your feelings about the situation to a crescendo of pressure that is likely to burst forth in the form of inappropriate behavior. The release of this tension and emotion in a forceful manner can have a stunned effect on the people who witness the display and may change the way they view and relate to you. Addressing the external cause and reducing your internalized stress leads to an easing of tension, a happier and more relaxed you, who is a pleasure to be around.