COCONUT – Protective Layer - 

A coconut has a tough protective layer which makes it a hard nut to crack. You are being alerted to the fact that you may be creating a protective wall around yourself which can be felt intuitively by others and stopping them from approaching you. While your defenses can be a self-protective measure they could be doing more harm than actual good by hindering the achievement of your dreams. Relax and be more open to friendship, love and the opportunities that come from social experiences. Allow your sweet radiant centre to be experienced by others, don’t hide your light away let your dreams find you. 


Your tantalizing travel brochure suggests the need for solitude. You may be feeling the desire to run away from a situation in your life, to have a change of scene or a change of pace. You are encouraged to take time out from life’s demands to give yourself some breathing space, this allows you to assess your situation and establish what changes need to be made to bring you greater personal satisfaction and to a place of peace with your circumstances. Shutting off from the outside world is only beneficial if you emerge re-energized and enthused about engaging in life again.

BONFIRE – Ignite - 

Your blazing bonfire sends the signal to kindle your excitement and enthusiasm about your life. It is important to have a dream and to know where your passion lies as it gives meaning to your life and motivation to your days. Ignite your passion and fan the flames so they emblazon the sky and are visible for all to see, this encourages others to support you on your journey making it easier to reach your goals. See each day as a gift that contains an opportunity for the realization of your desires.

TELESCOPE – 6 Degrees of Separation - 

There is a theory that there are only 6 degrees of separation between you and any other individual. How you conduct yourself is not only known by those in your immediate circle of influence, it can be known by others who you have never met. 

You are encouraged to develop a strong value system based on the highest level of integrity and personal responsibility and to act accordingly. This ensures that all the individuals you meet in the future will hold you in the highest regard and that you reap the appropriate benefits of these relationships.

HAMMOCK – Relaxation - 

Your beckoning hammock suggests that you need to put time aside to indulge in the pursuit of total relaxation. A relaxed mind creates the room to reflect on past and present situations and allows you to identify how the threads of both are woven together, just like the fabric of your hammock to form the patterns that runs through your life. These threads stretch into your future creating either the same pattern or a different arrangement. This is the perfect time to design what colour and shape your future will look like…kick your shoes off, put your feet up and relax!