Your inspirational Inuit marker speaks to you of leaving a legacy. Just as the markers were made to let future travelers on the same journey know they are heading in the right direction, so too you are asked to pass on your knowledge to those who will follow you. The years devoted to the attainment of material wealth and the wisdom gained from the journey is less satisfying if you have no one to share your insightful story of success with. A truly wealthy individual is one who has spiritual richness and leaves a legacy of inspiration to encourage and motivate others. You are called upon to be such a guide!

CANTEEN – Requirements 

Your canteen signifies that the Universe will provide you with all the essential requirements that you need to achieve your life’s mission. Your Highest Guidance knows how your life journey is mapped out and the assistance you require at appropriate times to ensure your experience is in alignment with your soul’s growth and purpose. These requirements can relate to the supply of money and material resources as well as the offering of a helping hand, advice or emotional support. When you need it the most help will appear, be open to receiving the gift graciously with the understanding that the Divine hand of your Guides are behind the offering.

MAP – Fear 

The message of your invaluable map is to feel the fear and to step out and do it anyway. You are well equipped to overcome any obstacles on your path, even though they may seem insurmountable from where you stand. Your Higher Guidance has an elevated perspective so you are strongly advised to listen to the quiet voice of your inner guidance as it will provide you with a wise assessment of your current situation and what terrain you need to negotiate to reach your destination. Taking action is the fastest way to conquer your fear, so stride forward with confidence and determination knowing that success will be the end result of your journey.

BACKPACK – Travel Light 

You are about to embark on an exhilarating new journey, this exciting expedition highlights how resourceful you are as you are called on to rely on the knowledge gained from past experience, your talents and skills. The act of knowing which positive beliefs and attitudes to carry with you for the successful achievement of your dreams and the limiting ones can be left behind, shows how well prepared you are for this thrilling new phase of your life. Your backpack encourages you to travel light by living in the present, keeping your eye on the path ahead and trusting in your abilities to lead you to the successful conclusion of your journey. 

MOUNTAIN – Highest Aspirations 

Your majestic mountain inspires you to march towards your highest aspirations. This is a time when one phase of your life journey is coming to an end and the next is just beginning, you have new desires to realise and fresh goals to pursue. The past has served you well, as the previous hills and mountains you have climbed have tested your inner strength, they have given you the power to rise above ordinary circumstances and taken you to a higher level of knowledge and understanding. You are guided to keep your goal is sight, the journey is well worth the effort as the view from the summit is spectacular you will be able to survey how far you have come and you will be very proud of your achievements.