SCARECROW – Self Image - 

Your supportive scarecrow speaks to you of designing a new self-image that is more befitting of your current goals. When you set new goals your beliefs and thoughts of what you are capable of often needs to change. Likewise friends and family have a limited perception of you from what they have known you to accomplish in the past, they also need to develop a new vision of you. It is time to make an assessment of the qualities you need to assume and the attitudes you have to clothe yourself in to achieve your desires. See yourself differently, don’t identify with the past image you have of yourself, have a mind-set makeover and get both mentally and physically dressed for success.

SEEDS – Rich Harvest - 

You are at the beginning of a new cycle of planting seeds that have the power to produce prolific results. All of your hard work has prepared the soil perfectly for planting but what will you sow? Will it be more of the same variety that you always plant, if that is palatable well and good? However, if you want a change of regime you may need to consider other options. Every idea is a seed and each seed contains a kernel of possibility, as you have the natural ability to picture your vision fully grown and realised you have the advantage of knowing exactly what you will harvest from each seed. Start planting and reap a rich harvest!

FOR SALE SIGN – Self Value - 

You are strongly being given a sign to identify if you are selling yourself short! You are encouraged to take inventory of your personal assets which in this instance refers to your attributes, traits and abilities. Your generosity of spirit and all the aspects of how you admirably conduct yourself and relate to the individuals in your life are a mark of your worth. Each and every facet of your character is of value and it is for you to determine whether you are underselling yourself by giving your time and energy for little in return, the more you value yourself the less likely this will occur.

FARMER – Rest - 

Your toiling farmer recognises that you have produced some amazing results in past seasons and that you are again in the preparation stage of a new period of growth. As you are turning over ideas in your mind be aware that this is your time of rest, just like a field needs to lie fallow to improve the soil for future plantings so to you are advised to take time to go within. Resting allows for reflection on where improvements can be initiated and has the added benefit of re-energization enabling you to resurface refreshed, ready to create more substantial returns for your efforts.

BARN – Resources - 

There is a holler from your bountiful barn for you to assess your resources to gain the understanding that you have all the materials on hand to make the next season of your life result in a successful harvest. You have gathered a network of people who can assist you, those that can supply and connect you to the services you require as well as those individuals who are both vocally and emotionally supportive. Your storehouse holds your own skills and talents, the knowledge that has been gained from your previous harvests and most importantly of all, your vision and positive mental attitude. All of these valuable materials lie ready for use, roll your sleeves up and get active.