SWAN – Appearances

Your superb swan gracefully swims in with the message that appearances can be deceiving. The story of The Ugly Duckling is one of the best-known children's tales, it relates to a little duckling who doesn't look like the other ducklings and is judged harshly because of this, of course the ugly duckling was never going to fit in with the other plain birds because it was actually a magnificent swan. You are advised that it is vital not to judge anything on first appearances at the moment. The first meeting with an individual or offer of an opportunity may seem insignificant, however you have attracted every situation for your Highest Good so there are no chance meetings or coincidences. Look further into the circumstance, identify the magnificence of the gift, how it fits in with your aspirations and then use it to your benefit. 

BOUQUET – Magical Union

In Victorian times, suitors would present a bouquet to their intended, each flower deliberately chosen for their meaning to convey a precise message to the recipient.

These bouquets were called "tussie-mussies" and one was presented at the beginning of every courtship and continued, expressing different sentiments as the relationship progressed until marriage. Your beauteous bouquet bears the message that you are about to be the recipient of a new phase of psychic awareness. The messages will be simplistic at the beginning however, as the relationship with your Higher Guidance becomes stronger the content of the communication will become more profound. This is a magical union is to be celebrated!

LOVERS – Possibility

Lovers are full of promise for the future, opening their hearts and minds to the possibility of building joint dreams which creates a fresh way of looking at the world. When you connect in an emotional way with a lover or even a friend you feel safe to talk about your wishes for the future without fear of derision. You need complete trust when co-creating your dreams as it makes you vulnerable, you commit the greatest desires of your heart into the care of another. The success of a partnership relies on the partners honouring their obligations to each other and likewise, you are encouraged to honour the obligation to yourself to successfully fulfill your dreams.

ROWBOAT – Drifting

Row your boat gently down the stream is the message that your little boat bears as you are encouraged to slow down and drift with the current for awhile. This more leisurely pace allows you to take in the scenery of your life more closely rather than rushing past hurriedly, and gives you time to reflect upon the feelings and emotions associated with your current situation. A relaxed mind creates the perfect state of grace to be more in touch with your spirituality and the flow of intuition which enables you to clearly see how to spend your time and energy to better enjoy your life’s journey. 

BOOK – Fairytale

‘Once upon a time’…the story begins…you are inspired to view your life as a fairytale and you are the hero of the tale! Firstly, consider the setting and the patterns that were established in your childhood as this has set-up the challenges for you to overcome in your life. Identify your villainous characters and the situations you have attracted to assist you in resolving your earlier conditioning and lead you to amazing feats of courage and determination. Incorporate comedic moments you have experienced along the way, dark nights of the soul and a helpful companion or guide to inspire personal and spiritual insights…and what about the ending? You have the chance to write your own happy ending as you are both the heroic figure in the tale and the author…what is your ‘lived happily ever after’!