TURQUIOSE – Speak Your Truth 

Your transformative turquoise box brings you the gift of confidence to speak your truth. Words creates reality therefore, the power to change your life resides in the throat charka. Having the self-command and personal validation to speak up and speak out your hearts desires gives power to the energy around your goals, this resonates into the Universe magnetizing your spoken desires. Even if you think nobody is listening the Universe, your guides and your psyche hears you and recognizes without a doubt that you are worthy of receiving your requests.  

VIOLET  -  Divinity 

Your vibrant violet gift box contains the gift of a greater connection to the divine. You are entering a phase of divine connectivity that will leave your life forever changed for the better. Expect an increase in divine wisdom, inspired moments and a more tangible understanding that higher guidance is available to you. Take notice of all thoughts, feelings and events as nothing is insignificant, there is a message or meaning in everything if you make yourself available to receive it. This guidance is given as a gift of love as the Universe supports your hopes and dreams wanting to see them fulfilled.

RED – Forgiveness 

The gift of endless compassion and forgiveness is contained in your caring red box. When you forgive you release energy that has been residing within you such as feelings of betrayal, the emotions of anger, bitterness and even feelings of wanting revenge. This negative energy holds you prisoner to the past and prohibits you from truly moving forward and freely living your dream life. It does not mean that you condone what has been done to you, it is simply in your best interest to forgive. The willingness to let go and forgive is the most empowering and self-loving action you can bestow upon yourself. You grant yourself the gift of freedom!

WHITE – White Light 

Your wonderous white box contains the omnipotent gift of White Light. The magic of White Light is that it contains all colours and since all colours are present, White Light works on all levels to uplift your vibration physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Take the time to visualise the energy of White Light infuse your spirit and you will feel your life elevated to a higher plane of existence. Watch your problems be replaced with understanding and the peace that it brings. Live a life in the Light with no shadow of darkness!

BLUE - Healing 

Healing is the gift contained in your beautiful blue box as your Healing Guides and Angels are ready to surround you in their loving healing energy. You are encouraged to create the space in your life to receive one of the most loving gifts of all. Spend time in quiet reflection and meditation to allow spirit to step in and do their work, to rebalance your energy, calm your troubled mind, provide inspired solutions and envelop you in unconditional love. Assist spirit by nurturing yourself and by filling your mind with thoughts of positivity. The promise of peace and serenity is yours!