JUGGLER – Judiciousness - 

A judicious juggler balances two balls in the air before introducing a third, once this is mastered then several others can be added. Likewise your jolly juggler suggests that you make certain that all aspects of your life are in balance before you introduce any other activity or interest. Current demands on your time and attention which can include your career and associated aspirations, family and leisure pursuits means that you are already under pressure with all of the activities you are juggling. Be aware that placing more demands on yourself may find you dropping the ball, the adoption of one prospect may result in the demise of others.

MAYPOLE – Unity - 

Just like a maypole requires all dancers to work in unity you too are guided to work in a timely fashion with the individuals in your life to achieve your goals. Like the ribbons on the maypole that become intertwined so are our lives with so many others. This is a time to let go of any personal agenda and work in complete openhearted cooperation with those that you come in contact with. The perfect result of your efforts at the moment means that all the people who interact with you will speak glowingly of you. Maypole dancers retrace their steps to unravel their ribbons, you too want to conduct yourself in such a way that if you were to retrace your steps from this time forward you will see that you have not put a foot wrong! 

PRIZE MEDAL – Competition - 

You may soon find yourself engaged in a competitive situation. Rather than not contend, you are encouraged to put yourself out there as you will find that your efforts will be rewarded in some form. Success in life is not always about winning it is what you learn about yourself in competitive situations, your levels of commitment, capabilities, mind-set and graciousness at both winning and losing. Step up, have fun and be determined to learn from the experience and in doing so you will be the ultimate winner!


Your colourful carnival tent encourages you to be open to possibility and view every activity towards achieving your goal as a fun adventure. Trust that even though you don’t know what will come next and how it will play out, you will ultimately realize your desires. If you are committed to enjoying your life and all of its surprising show stopping moments, then your life will be exciting and every day will be well worth living. The major goal at the moment is to have fun…live, laugh and let it all unfold fantastically before your eyes! 

FORTUNE TELLING CARDS – Foretold Fortune - 

Your fascinating fortune telling cards predicts a fortunate future indeed! She imparts the message that you hold your future in the imaginings of your mind and therefore you have the power to create all the good fortune you desire. Nothing comes from chance only from attraction and you are the magnet, so monitor your thoughts to assure you are only thinking ones of success and abundance. No one holds your future in the palm of their hands but you, make it a prosperous one!