NUMBER TWO – Partnerships 

Two is the number of partnerships and signifies that as you are entering a new phase of your life, that relationships are of the up most importance to successfully achieve your goals. There is no need to go it alone, your Higher Guidance desperately wants to see your dreams come true, and is manifesting another individual or individuals to share your journey providing the help and support. You are advised to be receptive to offers of friendship, assistance and benevolence which you so richly deserve.

NUMBER FOUR – Practicality 

Number four stands for practicality and advises you to be “down-to-earth” with your planning as you structure new goals. While you are encouraged to strive for your highest aspirations, your foundation needs to be strong to ensure that you achieve your lofty aims. You are in the development stage where all of your preparation, no matter how insignificant it seems or tediously boring is imperative for your future success. So take the time to consider all aspects of your project, order and organization is crucial as well as the discipline to follow through with all the activities required for the successful completion of your goal. 

NUMBER SIX – Community 

Six is the number of family, community and groups and speaks to you of your increasing involvement with other individuals. You are encouraged to be open to the advances of friendship and to build relationships with others involved in activities you are attracted to, especially people who are likeminded. Life will take on a more exciting quality as your social and professional circles expand. You will find great pleasure in the development of new associations, the support of peers and the opening of opportunities as yet unforeseen. 


Number Eight advocates hard work and utilizing the lessons learned through experience to create great prosperity at this time. Immense hardship is usually faced during the pursuit of your dreams and you often question whether to give-up or keep going, remember hard work is always rewarded in the end and if you remain committed to your goal, the rewards are extreme. Your Higher Guidance asks you to be open to your intuitive impulses and to use the knowledge gained from your experiences to act appropriately. Success will be yours and the positive self-esteem and pride that comes from personal achievement.

NUMBER TEN – Completion 

Ten is the number of completion and signifies the end of an important phase in your life and foretells that a change in circumstances is imminent. You are encouraged to remain open to change, and to understand that an ending is also a new beginning. It is important at this time to reflect on the lessons learnt and to be conscious of the patterns that permeated this passing stage. Be very clear about how and why you attracted the passing situation to you, especially if it was unsatisfactory. This clarity ensures that as you step across the threshold to your new future you will not replicate the past, instead tread a fresh path well satisfied with all that it has to offer.