CANNON – Opposition 

Your cannon advocates that there is an immediate call for action to repel any opposition to your dreams. You need to be vigilant to any internal opposition in the form of critical thinking, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. You are also encouraged to consider your current circumstances to identify if there is an external threat to your dreams by family, friends or work colleagues by opposing your plans and undermining your confidence. The necessary ammunition is at hand to overpower the enemy whether your greatest opponent is you or another individual to achieve victory. Believe in yourself and your dreams don’t let them be stolen away form you!

SHIP – Adventure 

Your ship sails in to inspire you to see life as a grand adventure with every moment full of possibility! No matter what your current life circumstances, how restrictive and limiting they may seem you can experience an excitingly different future. Being clear about the destination you would like to sail to and the events you would like to experience along the way helps steer your internal navigation system towards the fulfillment of your desires. By knowing the essence of what you aspire, having positive expectation, beliefs consistent with abundance, self-belief and taking actions that support your goals you can chart a different course and arrive at an exciting new destination.


You are at the helm directing the course of your life, during the process of steering toward your goals other opportunities often arise. These opportunities can be far greater than you could have ever envisaged and will channel you away from your original goals to your immense satisfaction, other times the offer is both a waste of time and energy leading to frustration and to you being further away from the life experiences you desire. Knowing the essence of why you want to reach a certain destination will help you to identify if the alternate course is appropriate and offers you a similar if not better outcome, or if you are going to sabotage your goals and find the end situation less than satisfactory. Establish the fundamental essence of the journey you wish to take and let this determine your direction to stay on course.

MAP - New Dimensions 

You are sailing towards a period that indicates a broadening of your horizons, this can encompass exploring a wider range of interests and activities or even a significant change of lifestyle. If you open your heart with a spirit of adventure you may soon be experiencing a scintillating new relationship, changing your career path, pulling up anchor and moving locations, embarking on an exciting new travel adventure or spiritual journey. Life will take on a fascinating new dimension, expand your vision of what is possible, be openhearted and immerse yourself in all that is on offer to you.

TREASURE – Support 

Your treasure filled chest states quite ardently that it is time to allow yourself to be supported by others. A lifeline of support is available to assist you this can include practical and emotion help; you are guided to openly accept the gift with open hands. You are treasured by Spirit who has heard your prayers, the offers of assistance are the physical answer to these heartfelt appeals. Life can certainly be demanding at times and the offers of support are the recognition of your worth and the simple repayment of your own generosity of spirit that you display constantly.