Childs Play

 TEDDY BEAR – Comfort

Your tranquil little teddy bear tells you quite ardently that you need to find time in your life to partake of activities that bring you comfort and nurture your soul. This is not a luxury but a necessity! Life can place great demands upon you and you deserve rest and revitalization. Just as you cherished your beloved teddy bear as a child, likewise you are encouraged to love and treasure yourself. Embracing self-love automatically results in choices that sustain your soul and elevates your spirit.

 DOLL – Childhood Dreams

Your delightful doll brings to mind the treasured dreams of childhood when you thought anything was possible and you were only limited by your imagination. This is the time to revisit those imaginings to establish how close you have come to their fulfilment. It is never too late to live the life of your dreams, look for avenues to integrate those unrealized dreams into your life in some form now. Step out and take a risk, resume study, embark on a holiday to places you have longed to visit and more importantly take back the attitude that anything is possible, because it is! 

 BLOCKS – Blueprint

Your bright building blocks are bringing the message that you are currently constructing a new future piece by piece. Dedication and slow steady achievement is the key to seeing the blueprint you hold for your future experiences become a concrete reality. You are encouraged to be patient and diligent in your efforts as it takes time to build a rock-solid foundation that assures security and long standing success. By enjoying the building process and celebrating each new stage of development, no matter how small, you live a more fulfilling existence while waiting for the realization of your grand vision.

 RAG DOLLS – Control

Your friendly rag dolls promote the message that control issues are prevalent in your life at the moment. The need to control a situation can be for protective reasons as it keeps you feeling emotionally safe. You are powerless to control most people and situations in life; you can only be fully in control of your own thoughts, emotions and reactions to what happens. The energy and effort it takes to make sure that everything is within your control is phenomenal. By letting go of the need to control you find your power and discover that you have more control of your life and emotions than you could have thought possible.

 DOLLHOUSE – Rearrangement of Beliefs

Symbolically, a house represents your soul and the rooms contain your experiences and the beliefs that are derived from their occurrence. Your enchanting dollhouse delivers the message that the past influences the future and your childhood beliefs need to be rearranged to suit your current goals. Take a walk through the rooms of your mind recalling your experiences and how they have placed limitations on you. Next do some mental redecorating by replacing old outdated beliefs with ones that support the successful achievement of your goals.