COMPASS – Direction - 

The message that your handy compass conveys is to consider the direction of your life and to potentially rethink the path you are taking. All the information you require is at hand for you to make a wise assessment of current circumstances and how these will potentially map out the future. It is an important time as you have the power to chart a new destiny; you are being given the gift of time to qualify exactly how that destiny looks to you. Visualise how you would like to experience your days for your greatest satisfaction and plot the course that will lead you there.

CAMPFIRE – Friendship -

Your convivial campfire suggests the need to spend time in the company of friends. You are encouraged to extend your social circle and support group by the means of developing new associations, opening yourself to others and allowing others to get to know you. In the spirit of good will participate in activities that are conducive to lighthearted rapport between or among friends. Step out and be more extroverted, share stories, make an effort to relate to people on a different level, open your heart, sing a song, tell a joke, laugh and above all have fun.

ADVENTURER – Taking Stock - 

It is time to take stock of all the good things you have in your life. Sometimes we take things for granted and it is not until they are taken away from us that we realize what great value they held. While you are encouraged to set forth on a new adventure you are given the instruction to not take things for granted, do a checklist of the many things you should be grateful for including the basic essentials. By engaging in this process you can clearly determine how truly rich you are right now. Venturing out with the intention of acquiring more means that you are only building on the rich existence you already have, you feel like a winner who cannot lose because you already have so much.

TORCH – Accountability - 

Your treacherous little torch is alerting you that where you are operating behind the scenes, hiding your agenda, your motive, your true self or feelings you could face sudden exposure. It may be safe and morally acceptable to be covert at this time to ensure you achieve your goals, however be certain that you are in integrity. Accountability is the key, if you are willing to take responsibility for your actions and behavior and provided you can easily explain your position there will be no need for embarrassment or shame. Remember, the energy of the intention behind your actions flows out to manifest in success or disappointment.

TENT – Temporary - 

The good news is that your terrific little tent brings is that the current discomforts of your life are only temporary. You are in a transitory phase in some area of your life and may be feeling that you are on the move and that something is about to change. This can present as a feeling of uncertainty and can cause a degree of anxiety. When you project your thoughts to create a positive future full of wondrous opportunities you never really know how that will look or how it will come to pass. So rather than experience apprehension get excited about what is around the bend just out of sight, have the positive expectation that the view will be spectacular and you will love what you see.