FEATHERS – Messages

The gift of a feather is universally regarded as a message from Spirit; they arrive unexpectedly, sometimes in unconventional ways and never without a purpose. The intention of this heavenly offering is to be determined by you the recipient, whether it is a message of hope and encouragement or confirmation of your thoughts and feelings about a particular subject or situation. Either way it is a comforting sign that your Higher Guidance is listening and that you are not alone on your journey, help is available from above and beyond the physical realms.

BIRDBATH – Delight

If you ever taken the time to watch a bird having a dip in a birdbath or puddle of water, you would have been struck with delight by the antics of fluffing feathers and flicking of wings in and out of the water as part of the preening process. While bathing and preening are essential to keep feathers in good condition it is practiced with what seems to be delightful abandonment, only does our little feathered friend know that it is keeping a watchful eye on threats to its safety. Likewise you are cheerfully encouraged to enjoy life to the fullest and delight in all of the pleasurable moments that it has to offer, however keep an eye on your goals to ensure you are taking care of ‘business’ and keeping your dreams safe.

WORM – Procrastination

The early bird catches the worm, is such a familiar saying and one that is powerfully true. Procrastination comes from a variety of sources, the main one being a fear of failure! Delaying or deferring an action to a later time it is the result of not believing that you will succeed with the task at hand, you may feel that you lack the necessary skill required, the stamina to see the goal to successful completion or the dose of confidence that seems to accompany all success. Your wise worm is here to assure you that you have all the elements necessary for the successful fulfillment of your current goal, get active.

BIRD NEST – Gestation

Your bountiful bird nest brings the promise of a new development waiting to hatch in some area of your life. During the period of gestation, profound transformation occurs inside an egg, which is not visible to the outside world and not unlike the transformation that is taking place within you at the moment. Be sure to nurture your energies, engage in healing practices to support yourself during this time of change. It is safe to dream of the exciting possibilities that life holds, as you are being sheltered and protected by a loving Universe until it is the perfect time for you to take wing and fly.

BIRDHOUSE – Security

Your safe little birdhouse speaks to you of safeguarding your security while you step out of your comfort zone in a bid to broaden your horizons. We are traditionally taught to establish security in our lives which is an honorable goal. We can devote years to achieving that exact outcome and feel a lack of satisfaction with the end result. The desire for change can be strong, yet flying free of what you have put so much time and energy into doesn’t seem sensible. The answer is to investigate opportunities, sample alternatives and to make small changes without risking your entire security. Enjoy the new vistas knowing that you have a safe place to return to.