PARROT – Tact 

Your parrot pal squawks a noisy warning that there is a need to be careful of the spoken word. Tact and diplomacy is required in some area of your life at the moment, you are encouraged to have a heightened sensitivity to what is fitting and proper in your dealings with others, this includes speaking or acting without offending anyone. By ensuring your speech and conduct is above reproach you avoid any possibility of irresponsible gossip about you to your detriment. You are usually considerate about how you interact with others, this is a time to be even more so.


Your pilfering pirate with map in hand, raises the flag with a warning message to be wary of people or situations that are robbing you of your resources and emotional reserves. This can relate to subtle infringements on your time, drains on your emotional energy and physical vitality, copying of your ideas, coveting of your relationships therefore interference or misuse of your possessions. To protect yourself keep a watchful eye out for the pirates in your life that take advantage of your good nature whether they knowingly impinge and abuse the relationship or are simply oblivious to the fact due to their own self-concern.


Your swashbuckling sword encourages you to examine how you are dealing with your anger and frustrations. Experiencing agitating emotions alerts you to the fact an underlying belief is the cause and needs to be recognized, healed and released. If you don't acknowledge the beliefs present the emotion will return becoming more forceful until it can no longer be ignored, mild irritation can build up to fury and even wrath. Once you identify the belief and where your needs are not being met it can be cut out of your reality, its influence can be severed and you can experience emotional freedom!

PIRATE SHIP – Over Emotionalism - 

Your pirate ship signals the advice to adopt the steady composure that is required to steer safely through the turbulent waters you are sailing through at this time. You need to be mindful of your surrounding situation and how this is affecting the currents of your emotions at this time, to avoid over emotionalism and potential disaster. Be more conscious of your actions and reactions and be aware of how you affect others. Have clarity of thought and reason to avoid emotional over reactions and your current journey should be smooth sailing!

SPYGLASS – Monitor - 

The future is not too distant when you take a closer look at your thought processes of today. This is the message your serviceable spyglass expounds. You have the capability to see far off into the distant future of your life, this is achieved by being constantly aware of your thoughts and day dreams. Your thoughts from yesterdays past create your current circumstances and today’s thoughts are mapping your future reality. By monitoring your thought patterns you will know the course you are charting and you can make variations to the destination you want to arrive at.