You are the magician in your life! The magician has practiced his craft time and again, honing the skills that make his tricks appear magical to the naïve onlooker. The practiced ability to harness your thoughts and the decisive power to remain positive that you will achieve your goals, especially when it seems impossible can be likened to the expertise of the magician. Using the Law of Attraction to skillfully manifest the life of your dreams will seem like magic to observers, only you will know the disciplined routine and mastery of your mind that it requires.

WAND – Illusion 

"Abracadabra!" dramatically says the magician as he flourishes his wand and performs a feat of grand illusion. In ancient times this magical word was once inscribed on amulets to protect the wearer against trouble and misfortune. At times in life many a situation can be perceived as unfortunate until this illusionary thinking is revealed and the reality is that the experience is actually one that good fortune arises from. You are urged to see through any illusion you currently believe to be true, look for the positive in every situation and your life will be truly magical.

DOVE – Restriction 

Your delightful dove delivers the message that it is time to fly free of restriction. Your obliging nature means that you have been a part of someone else’s act and their constant demands for some time now and this may lead you to feel that you are not in control of your own life. While this may have served a purpose and well suited you previously the constraints on your time, energy and emotions are now intolerable. You have the power to make dramatic changes and the capability to fly free of these restrictions any time you choose…choose now!

TOP HAT – Magnetization 

Get ready a rabbit is just about to be pulled out of a hat! To your great delight an opportunity is set to materialize from seemingly nowhere. Don’t seem surprised, as your good fortune is the actual result of your own thought processes and their magnetic quality, thoughts that you put into motion some time ago and have potentially forgotten. The challenge is for you to recognize that you have exactly what you wished for and to determine whether this opportunity is in alignment with your current goals and aspirations.

CARDS – Sleight of Hand 

Your cautionary cards are seriously warning you to watch carefully for a sleight of hand as some situation in your life is not as it seems. Be cautious not to let others exploit your good nature, you really can not be tricked unless you allow yourself to be. This is a crucial time to listen to your instincts and to not take anything or anyone on face value, be skeptical about anything that seems too good to be true. By being vigilant your powers of observation can outwit any act of conjuring that comes your way.