This book is deceptively simple yet holds powerful insights!


The first important step is to relax and clear your mind, the simplest way to achieve this is by taking three slow deep breaths.
By breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly you centre your energy, it brings you into yourself and you focus on you breathing rather than your thoughts,
you will notice that as your breathe slows the mind becomes quieter.

Take three slow, deep breaths. While breathing in deeply repeat in your mind “What do I need to know?”
Exhale slowly feeling yourself centering your energy and becoming more peaceful.  

In this quiet state you are ready to open your insightful book at the page that you feel most guided to.
If the book opens to a Symbol Information page advance one page to the next Symbol Image page.
You have been guided to the page that holds your message. Focus on the page “What do I need to know?” and again repeat the question in your mind.

Now it is time to cast your eyes to the right and scan the Symbol Images. Your eyes will dart back and forth between the Symbol Images and finally rest upon one, sometimes you will be drawn to two. In the case that you are drawn to two Symbol Images repeat the question “What do I need to know?” until you settle on one image. You are now ready to turn the page and read your message. You can chose to read the information for the second image that you were attracted to as you may also find that it is appropriate.

The beauty of this book is that the messages behind the images are not what you expect. There is a always a temptation to select the image that you like the best whether that is due to personal preferences or the meaning you ascribe to it. You have many opportunities to refer to the book and have that image arise as a natural selection so allow your Higher Guidance to direct you, don’t control the situation. 

You have requested a message from your Higher Guidance, so let go of preconceived ideas and be open to receiving the answer. 

You are asking what you need to know not what you want to hear!

Upon reading your message give thanks to your Higher Guidance and request that any further information come in an appropriate way. 

It is beneficial to keep a journal of your message and any revelation or inspiration that is received. Remember, that your Higher Guidance is always working in your best interest and will continue to provide you with insight into the situation and present you with opportunities to move towards the life that you dream of.